Book Detail An Urgent Survival Guide For Those Left-Behind

An Urgent Survival Guide For Those Left-Behind
Surviving the Great Tribulation

An overview of the Guides content with a brief-description of its topics so the reader can follow with a ‘clear-vision’ for himself. The Author desires the reader of the book to also read the Bible for himself and follow its lead to learn what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. 

CCV: Christian’s Clear Vision

God gave us His written Word, so we can understand distinctively with discernment to have a clear vision of what is happening and what is coming and not be deceived. We are talking about the end-times of the end-time, the last-days of the last-days. Our world is a powder-keg, leaders of some countries are flexing their military muscles and testing each other’s wits, what a dangerous game, evil is rising to new levels.

All that is going on in the world, in our societies, evil is on the rise at such an alarming rate. So many copy-cat killings, brutal torturing’s, senseless and relentless murders, people killing their children, children killing their parents with no remorse!

Our physical life has spiritual characteristics attached to it, we do not live on this planet alone. We are surrounded by a invisible kingdom of darkness that is more-real than our physical realm.

We coexist with sadistic, very aggressive evil creatures of the spirit realm; this spirit realm is neither known of, nor attainable to, the human without spiritual revelation. The mind of the human, his intellect, his conscience, his ability to reason, his thinking is twisted with a cloak of deception to where wrong seems right and right seems wrong to him. The moral corruption of the reprobate mind [Rm. 1:28; 1 Cor. 9:27] and his depravity has an irresistible bias towards evil.

Preface; God’s Plan

Dispensations are God’s administration of arrangements’ of His plan for man-kind. The administrative dealings with man and governments. Keeping alignment where man is going according to God’s will. Dispensation means, “stewardship” “office” “commission” [1 Cor. 9:17; Eph. 1:10-3:2; Col. 1:25;] also means “law” or “arrangement” of a house. Dispensation refers to God’s plan of salvation. Some dispensations lasted a thousand-plus years, some lasted hundreds.

There were 5 dispensations, we live in the 6th and there will be a 7th and an 8th. The first dispensation was the dispensation of “Innocence” the second dispensation was the dispensation of “Conscience” where Adam and Eve were consciously aware of their sin. The third, the dispensation of “Human Government” then the dispensation of, “Promise” this dispensation opened with God’s call to Abram, (Abraham). Next was the dispensation of “Law” deliverance was fulfilled under Moses and the actual giving of the Law, the Ten Commandments; within the year of the exodus. Now, the dispensation of “Grace” which began with the birth of Christ and will continue to His 2nd coming. There will be a dispensation of “Divine Government” when Christ reigns and rules on earth for a thousand years, this will be His “Millennial Kingdom.”After this will be the “Perfect Age” ALL is perfect, no defilement of any sort. There will be a new heaven and a new earth, ALL things will be pure,  holy, and righteous,  this is the eternal purpose of God for ALL His people, forever and ever, Amen!


There are many years of epidemics, plagues, cosmic-disturbances, severe natural disasters and very lethal-judgments, God will be working behind the scenes of these catastrophes.

During these times, right choices must be made and one thing that must not be done, this revealed at “You Have Two Choices.” It will take a well informed person to survive these years of judgments. Something super-natural happened with the disappearance of multiple-billions of people and with those uninformed it will send them into mind shocking and distressing flashes of horror.

Man has brought these catastrophes upon himself with his rebellious behaviors and his wicked ways. The conscience of man is numb to God’s truth because of the spiritual-mental blindness to God’s truth, [2 Cor. 4:4] from all the worldly junk that man delves into.

Chapter One

What Just Happened? 

Believers and followers of Christ were taken and non-believers were left-behind.

Before the Rapture there were over 7.5 billion people on the planet, 37% of those were taken, leaving 4.771 billion, (See Billions Taken, p. 116) then half of that population will perish from coming judgments. This event, the Rapture, happened supernaturally.

A supernatural event just occurred that was pre-arranged as part of God’s eternal plan. This event, the Rapture, set-in-motion coming judgments on all God haters who lived the world’s wicked ways.

For the next 7 years of the great tribulation, the world will be demanding to live in, with grim delusions or clouded-principles that people believe and live by. They are addicted to illusions because their mind is blinded to the truth.

The disappearance of billions of people was a pre-arranged event (the Rapture) from God to take His children (believers) from this earth and miss the awful judgments that the unsaved will experience. True Christians were taken, and non-believers were left-behind. Those left-behind will experience a seven-year tribulation period. Some will live in painful regrets while others will welcome the change and move along with the misleading and misguided status-quo to the depths of hell. Life will not be the same, a grim-delusion will over-take the minds of those deceptive behinders.

Day-in-day-out the media is abundantly full of misfortunes, catastrophes, heartbreaks, disturbing evil-tragedies and disasters that kill hundreds and thousands. The Rapture that is soon coming (if it hasn’t happened as yet) is an event that will re-direct the thoughts and minds of the population of the world. This prophetic end-time event will offer them a way out of the evil-chaos consuming the planet.

Why Did This Happen? 

Our nature is a sinful-nature, it is infected with an evil-spirit. It is in the nature of lies that the depraved mind builds their life on lies and are not aware of their lost-ness because of the hole in the soul. The depraved mind is filled with false beliefs, and false hopes and has the capability of doing any wrong and committing horrendous acts or deeds of darkness and in this lost condition some living in religious traditions and religiosities trying to find their own way to God. This sin-nature is hostile to God and those left-behind loved their sin-filled ways more than wanting to know God, they desire to live by the appetites of the flesh.

Living the ways of the world has no good ending, all are lead down a path of an illusion and yet some are trying to find God other than going through Christ. The road to hell is paved with good intentions that is rooted in human-bondages and lies that holds the sinner in captivity, as long as the sinner enjoys what they are doing and avoiding God’s invitation to salvation. You, as a behinder have rationalized in your depraved-mind that the way you live is the choice you have made rather than searching for the truth that you really care less about and in this state you are unaware of your lost-ness.  Your spirit is dead toward absolute-truth, God’s truth, and discernment.

Your potential and propensity of committing any crime or sin derives from this sinful-nature that you choose to live in because you love your evil-ways that satisfies the desires of the flesh. In the sin-nature you are more of a carnal person than a spiritual person. You choose to live without God in your life.

Why You Were Left-Behind

You were and still may be a non-believer because of your willful disbelief, your willful disobedience, your willful ignorance toward not wanting to know God’s truth and most of all you were left-behind because of your willful rejection of Jesus Christ, which is the unpardonable sin. Jesus who paid the ultimate price for your salvation with His shed blood, you rejected Him, which is a slap in the face of God, that is why you were left-behind.

You willfully rejected ALL that God offers to sinners and because of your willful rejection, you will remain ignorant to His truth. Your un-willingness to change from your evil sinful life-style, because of your pride you will remain ignorant of spiritual truth and remain believing lies in your life of unrighteous-pleasures and it all comes down to your pride, you are a prideful person.

Believed Lies

Growing up in a world of secular-humanistic beliefs, as; people don’t need God, there is no God, man is his own god, man is first and all atheistic beliefs from staunch God haters. All lies that contaminated and filled your mind with lies. The poisonous lies of defaming God that you heard all your life; there is no God, God is dead, there is no heaven, there is no hell, there is no judgment, there is no life after this physical life. These lies have led multitudes astray. All atheistic lies originated from secular-humanism which rules in the world today.

You Were a Procrastinator

That voice that you listened to is what kept you from accepting the Lord, it saying, go ahead and do it, just not today, you have time, live your life, have fun, you are in no hurry. You always avoided the issue, always saying no, always turning your back, always turning to your shameful acts of the flesh. Continually saying no is getting easier for you. Rejecting the invitation of salvation, your put off attitude got you where you are.

So many think they will wait until later in life then make the decision to accept Christ, for many want to live in their sins, they are willing to wait for the 11th hour but die at 10:30. Say the prayer now on page 96, don’t wait, you do not know what tomorrow will bring, your eternal soul depends on it.

After the Fact

Being left-behind means you are face to face with severe global judgments that will bring hell on earth, it will be so wicked and immoral with horrible devastations and all behinders are facing these judgments for the next 7 years. You can survive the torments with repentance or you will face eternal punishment.

The Guide is to encourage the reader to have a new awareness of these troubling times. What the reader must realize is that there is real life after this earthly experience as human beings. We were created to live forever, and we will live forever either in heaven or in hell, the choice is ours to make.

If you believe this, it will be much easier for you to understand, to grasp this truth.

Do you believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead and lives today? We were created to live for eternity not as human-beings but as spiritual-beings, in heaven or, by your ignorance, in hell.

Chapter Two

What You Will Immediately Notice

The shocking disappearance of family, friends, coworkers, billions missing. No government, no religion cannot account for the enormous amount of the world’s population that just vanished. No one will have true answers because they just don’t know. Mass-hysteria blankets the world.

Other Things You Will Notice

Global evil-lawlessness, severe prosecution of those who converted over to Christianity. Individuals unable to cope with tragedies, catastrophes, loss of family, homes devastated by natural disasters and land devastations, it will be hard on everyone.

Seven Years of Divine Wrath

Because of all the supernatural-judgments the earth will change geographically, the topography of the earth will not be as it once was, mountains will crumble, islands will be covered over and washed under, the seas will be rolled back, land devastations will change the face of the earth.

What You Will Not Find

None of God’s preachers will not be here, no born-again Christians will be here to advise all who were left-behind. You will hear no heavenly answers to earthy questions. Churches will be taken over by charlatans searching for answers themselves.

Chapter Three

The Survival Guides Two-Fold Purpose

Hopefully you are reading this Guide before the Rapture so that you have an opportunity to say the prayer of salvation on page 96 and miss the horrifying judgments that are ready to strike Earth.

If you are reading this Guide after the Rapture, it is in hope and prayers that you take the opportunity right now and go to page 96 before another minute goes by and say the prayer with a humble-heart before reading any further.

You won’t escape these judgments, but you can survive them.


You are forewarned of a New World Order, a New World Ruler, and New World Government and a New World Religion that are about to be unveiled by the tyrannical ruler of the World Order. You are forewarned that the Guide is not a guarantee for the survival of the physical body, but it is for your eternal soul.

Preparing for Survival

You need a place that you will feel safe and secure and protected from natural elements, earthquakes, hail-storms etc.. Wherever you find shelter make sure it will with-stand high-winds. Don’t surround yourself with large trees that can crush a house if blown over.

Separate Yourself

Get living as independently as soon as possible. Create your own storage area of non-perishable foods and as much water as you can get. You will need changes of seasonal clothing. In your storage obtain and stock-pile the most important survival items and especially for your own personal needs. A First Aid Emergency Medical-Kit may be needed.

For Yourself 

Gather necessities that you need on a regular basis, there are numerous companies listed for emergency food supplies with long-term and short-term survival.

Water filtration, solar generators, sun-ovens are to be considered.

More Independent

Get prepared to live independently as soon as possible. You need food and much, much water in storage and money on hand that you have withdrawn from your banking account. Soon banking and financial institutions will be locked-down for restructuring for individuals to accept a new I.D. number.

Any money left in bank accounts will be lost if a I.D. number is not accepted. With the new I.D. number this will be the new way of doing business.


Prepare as though the end of the world is before you, Armageddon. Protected body apparel from head to toe may be needed.

Chapter Four

What to Watch For – How it will Unfold

The World Ruler

A World Ruler soon appeared after the Rapture making promises of world-peace and settling the worlds problems. He will go out into the world conquering nations opposing him.

His Character, His Ambitions, His Platform will be unprecedented beyond any other.

The Covenant

The World Ruler will make a seven-year-peace-treaty with Israel, Arab and other nations to bring peace to the Middle East.

This treaty is a focal-point of the seven-year countdown of the great-tribulation.

Broken Covenant

Halfway through the tribulation the World Ruler will break his peace-treaty. His armies will take-over the city and seize the Temple and put a stop to the Jewish worshiping and their sacrificial offerings.

He moves his headquarters from Babylon into Jerusalem in the newly built Temple.

His Desecration of the Jewish Temple

The World Ruler will take-over the Temple horrifying Israel with extraordinary persecution. He will setup a sacrilegious object that also causes desecration.

The False Prophet

The World Ruler’s confidant will have great influence in forming and promoting the New World Order and bringing the new PIN to the citizens of the world.

He has supernatural powers doing unexpected things in promoting, accepting and worshiping the World Ruler with deceptive tactics. He wants unity in a peaceful world with all nations.

Chapter Five

The New World Order

Amalgamating a league of nations to a community among nations in forming a New World Order established this Order. It will continue as a relationship and the joining of nations building an International Community of Nations.

The New World Order will attempt to reach every person on the planet under complete dominance and controlling the economy of the world. Things will change rapidly. The world will be brought together as one in many ways. There will be a cashless-society, worldwide with a one-world-banking-system. This New World Order will be a man-centered-world without a thought of God.

The PIN, The Chip, The Mark

These three are synonymous, they have the same end-results, to lead you down a path of destruction and damnation through deception.

The PIN also known as the Chip in the Guide is known as the ‘mark of the beast’ in the Bible. The PIN comes in the form of a ‘digital-chip’ with a RFID, radio-frequency-identification number, page 193.

The World Ruler has schemes to incorporate the entire population of the planet into a one-world-commerce system by everyone receiving the chip. He will turn the planet into a vast concentration-camp with everyone numbered.

With this chip the World Ruler will control the world economically, politically, and religiously. The PIN, the mark, the chip is to control all people, commerce and industry in the world.

The chip will be given to all those left-behind and have control over them, but not those who have said the prayer and have accepted Christ as Savior.

Within this cashless-society and without the PIN no one will be able to by or sale. Those who received the chip will be doomed on many levels.

You Have Two Choices

Living in the tribulation and experiencing the sufferings from judgments, you will come to a point that you will have to make a grave decision, to take the chip, or not to take the chip.

Those who have received the chip have sealed their fate and are doomed. The truth and reality of the chip is this. By one taking the chip it will mean that that person will be controlled by the New World Order, the One World Government, the World Ruler and is denying Jesus Christ and will spend eternity in hell. This is the bottom-line, with all the hype and great-pomp of the New World Order you are not told this. You are encouraged to never receiver the chip.

Resisting the chip for Christ sake you will be denying the World Ruler and all that the New World Order has to offer, which is a false-hope and you will be living with Christ in eternity, for eternity.

Back to Preparing for Survival

Cash on hand will get you through for a while but cash will have to be ‘turned-in’ ‘exchanged’ if you are accepting the chip.

In your storage area, the rations and provisions will keep you going if you don’t take the chip. All who refuse the chip will lose whatever amount of money they have once cash is no longer of any use in a cashless-society.

This will take place when the chip has been fully offered to the world’s population then things will to start to get very-harsh, even dangerously harsh. Your stock pile of provisions will get you through this and with your new-found faith in Christ will give you courage.

Know the Worse Is Yet to Come

During the tribulation there will be great sufferings and excessive pressures from judgments sent from God on a rebellious population and its appalling wickedness.

From banks locking their doors, know for sure by refusing the chip you will suffer by putting yourself in a position of being monetarily and economically down-trodden by not being able to buy what you need nor sell what you want.

When refusing the chip, you will face strong opposition, but keep your faith, you will be victorious.

The Edge

By reading the Guide and saying the prayer you will have a spiritual and physical edge over other behinders. You will know what just happened, you will know what is coming, you will know what to do and you will know what not to do in these uncertain times.

Your eternal soul depends on the choices you make, do not take the chip.

Chapter Six

Where You Are Now

You are at a place that never entered your mind because you were not a believer, you were totally oblivious to it, willfully ignorant of it and willfully ignorant of absolute truth. If you take the chip you will damn your soul for eternity.

What to Expect

Judgments will shake the foundation of the earth and will progressively get worse as each judgment evolves to the next.

Under the meticulous-supervision of the World Ruler every person on the planet will be targeted to receive the chip.

In the Guide the point is for you to know what is coming and to pay attention to the severity of these judgments and to survive these events and to move forward to the next phase of your eternal life.

Intense Periods Are Before You – Terror Unfolding Before Your Eyes

The First-Half of the Tribulation and he Start of The Seal Judgments

The Judgments Come Like the Thundering Hoofs of the Four Horsemen

Here the judgments are introduced by name, they are, the Seal judgments, the Trumpet judgments and the Bowl or Vial judgments. The judgments show the emphasis on and intensity of these three-sets of judgments.

Each individual judgment ends when the next begins and continue to the end of the tribulation and the return of Christ. The wrath of God begins with the 7 Seals and will finish with the 7 last deadly-plagues.

The seven years of apocalyptic judgments are the greatest God has ever poured on the human-race.

Before the Rapture the world’s population was over 7.5 billion people, the population dropped significantly at the time of the Rapture. From that amount of those left-behind a quarter and a third-percent decrease from the Seal and the Trumpet judgments, nearly half of those left-behind.

Others Join

Angels are sent to earth to join in the spreading of the gospel, to bring the lost to Christ and to warn of the worshiping of the World Ruler (antichrist) and his image.

Extreme Persecution

The World Ruler is a vile person with extreme persecution towards the Jewish people and they will suffer greatly because of him.

The Trumpets

They hit the vegetation, the seas, fresh water, the light of the days, great pain for those who accepted the chip that will bring to them death.

The Continuing Horror

Demonic-creatures released on earth, tormenting those who have accepted the new PIN, (the chip, the mark-of-the-beast). These supernatural-demonic-creatures kill 1/3 of the remaining population, mentioned above.

Even More Intense

The World Ruler claims to be God, seizing the newly built Jewish temple and brings a sacrilegious object to be worshiped, this is a defilement, the abomination of desolation.

This will occur 30 days before the second-half of tribulation starts, nearly half-way through the tribulation or 1,230 days into the 1,260 days after the start of the tribulation.

From the time the daily sacrifice is stopped and the sacrilegious object that causes desecration is set up to be worshiped, there will be 1, 290 days, Daniel 12:11.NLT

The Two-Witnesses

At this time, simultaneously two of God’s witnesses are sent to earth, again, approximately at the middle of the tribulation. These are two supernatural-eternal-beings from heaven who once lived here, have been ordained by God for a specific mission. They will be primarily in Jerusalem but seen around the world by satellite-transmission, a communication-satellite.

Their mission is to strengthen and encourage the Jewish people from what they have just lost and wanting them to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

Their ministry will last 1,260 days (until the end of the tribulation). They will be a menace to the World Ruler and the New World Order, but no harm will come to them, they are protected by the hand of God until their mission is complete. They will be killed on a street in Jerusalem and after three-and-a-half days the Lord will bring life into them and they will ascend into heaven and the world will watch and see them from satellite-broadcasting.

More Coming

A great earthquake rattles the earth and great hailstorms plague the earth.

The Next Judgments are The Bowls

They start with loathsome sores and continue with oceans becoming as blood because every living creature in the oceans will die and judgment will fall on rivers, springs and all fresh water. Intense-rays from the sun will increase to where men will be scorched, and darkness will cover the earth, this will usher in Armageddon, the battle between the forces of good and evil. Armageddon will end the tribulation, God will prevail.

Your Objective

Your objective is to prepare for the worse, mentally and physically and spiritually and that will only happen by getting-right with God by saying the prayer on page 96 and asking Christ to forgive your sins and to save you and make Him your Savior.

Mark Your Calendar

You can have a sense as months and years advance to where you are on the forthcoming-time-chart of the seven-years of judgments facing those left-behind. When the World Ruler makes an announcement to the world that a seven-year peace-agreement with Israel and other Middle East nations have been agreed upon, this will be the indicator for you to start counting, the seven-year countdown. This will happen  soon after the Rapture. You can watch the judgments unfold throughout the seven-years. The time-chart is presented further on.

Summary of Judgments

A summary of judgments was added for further understanding when reading the Guide and the corresponding passages from the Bible. The summary of judgments starts on page 80.

Close to the End

The people of the world including the oppressors of the Jewish people know nothing what is on and know nothing what spiritually is going on, they are ignorant of the truth. Their days are numbered, and their number is getting closer to zero, soon their end will come.

Chapter Seven

Who are You

You were created an eternal-being which makes you a super-natural being and will remain so. You have eternity written in your spiritual DNA. Your body will die but not who you are. You have a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body while here on earth.

Even though you are a super-natural-being, an eternal supernatural-being, you do not live by the supernatural way of life. You live by the human-nature in time and that nature allows your soul to dominate your entire being. Your desires are of the flesh, the fleshly appetites and fleshly characteristics if life.

Our Nature

Our nature is heavily-bent toward humanism, toward self. The prime importance is ‘self’ rather than divine and supernatural matters. God does no exist in the beliefs or hearts of the humanist.

The Urgency

The urgency is for you to know that the New World Order is a global-diabolical system made to look like a humanitarian effort, made to look like it will bring peace to the nations, made to look like it will solve the world’s problems and it wants everyone to be part of it.

It is structured for captivity, it is a system built to trap the gullible, the uninformed, it is meant to own you. Do not be fooled, it is a devilish scheme.

An Additive-Adding More to Help in Your Understanding

Being left-behind because of your rejection of the truth, because of the void in your life, you are susceptible to satanic and demonic-influences without your knowledge. Sins that you commit in unbelief you have opened yourself up to the devils-influences and his-schemes.

Satanic-influences enters the mind by thinking evil thoughts, listening to evil speech or evil talk, there are many evil ways.

What You Must Know

What you must know about saying the prayer on page 96, it brings on a pure-value of humility, a sincerity that you are sorry for your life of sins that you have lived. Admitting that you are a sinner and are asking for forgiveness of your sins. The Lord will save you.

The Prayer of Salvation: The Sinners Prayer

The prayer opens a door for you that you never entered before. Your prayer enters God’s heart and He hears you and He will save you.

Your Personal Miracle

Accepting Christ as your Savior you are now a child of God, with a renewed heart, a renewed mind, with a new agenda. Your name is now written in the Lambs Book of Life. You are going to heaven and miss the Supreme Judgment. You are now born-again. By receiving Him as your Savior you have been given the gift of eternal-life in heaven, John 3:15.


The most important matters in the Survival Guide is for you to resist taking the chip of the New World Order at what ever the cost, no matter the threat and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. If dark-clouds of the judgments blur-your-vision of the future you are in the eternal-plan of God, be assured of that. Being saved you were delivered from evil and have been empowered to continue to live boldly in your new-found faith in Jesus Christ.


The glossary-linguistics is used for specific subject or text-matters for clarifications. There 66 subject maters from A to W for fundamental clarifications.


The studying of future events from the Bible is called, eschatology, it is that aspect of Bible doctrine dealing with ‘last-things’ the ‘last-hour.’ 1 John 2:18.

What are the ‘last-things’? the Rapture, the tribulation, death, resurrection, Rom. 8:11; the second-coming of Christ, 1 Thess. 4:16,17; end of the age, the divine-judgment, Rev. 20:11-15 and the future state or the Perfect Age. We will tighten the prophetic-lens as we investigate our future-state according to God’s word.

A broader application of eschatology and the crises immediately preceding Jesus’ return such as,

Latter Days, 1 Peter 1:20

The Last Hour, 1 John 2:18

The Last Days, 1 Peter 1:20 NLT, Hebrew 1:1,2

The Last Times, 1 Peter 1:20 NKJV

As we proceed we will travel over 1,000 years into the future and will never leave God’s eternal-plan. Beginning with the Rapture as mentioned in the Glossary, page 147 and looking forward, the Rapture ushers in the tribulation-judgments and the upheaval of the One World Government.

If we look at current events, it is telling us there is a lot of hatred in the world today, it tells us that it is evil that drives it, it tells us it won’t get better until Armageddon is over.

Man looks in many directions for answers to life, past, present and future. What man doesn’t realize is since the beginning of time our lives have been prearranged, preplanned according to God’s will, He is leading us in the direction He wants, not what man wants.  There have always been questions about our future, without Biblical knowledge, the truth of our future cannot be known.

The Guide is to bring awareness of the forthcoming prearranged godly judgments with life changing catastrophic-circumstances that will need to be addressed in a climate of global chaos. There is an urgency to have the mind; clearheaded, and all senses and facilities in tact to survive a seven-year-period of hell on Earth.

There are Apocalyptic events approaching with horrific consequences that man who experiences them should be well informed of how to survive in a glorious-victory over the darkest-period ever to come into the history of man. Trials, tribulations, sufferings, testing’s, judgments on the Earth and on man. Only the informed and repentant will be able to survive into the arms of their Creator. Lifting you, the reader, up in hope, to a Creator that loves you, who will help you through these coming-judgments.

With all that is going on in the world today, there is a hope of expectation, an anticipation within the Christian’s spirit that Christ’ return is near, but before His return in these dark and dismal times a seven-year period of great-tribulation will strike the Earth with forces from hell itself. There are dark clouds of evil, the most diabolical, satanic-period of man’s history on the planet.  The world is convulsing with increasing evil that never rest, shadowing the mind of the human with dark deceiving and false thoughts of evil-fantasies that will lead more into enslavement of sin and moral-decay.

These dark-clouds of evil will blur the vision from the truth and the future of the unsaved; the world is being propelled into a new and unfamiliar depth of hardship. Looking from a Biblical prophetic panoramic-view of the future, a sequence of events of cascading judgments before long will take place on Earth. The people of the world will be in terror as never seen, a force so wicked with malicious intents driven by immoral-satanic energy that is full of hatred for the people on Earth and the aim is to control the inhabitants of the world under a New World Order lead by a World Ruler that will lead to end of man’s rule on Earth. This will be the continuum of the ‘Day of the Lord’ and culminating with Christ second coming.

The knowledge of these events will give the reader of the Guide advance warning with preparedness and supply the reader with encouragement to turn from evil and want to survive this thick-darkness for a more abundant life with the King of the Universe. If you are not saved, when you die you will be in hell awaiting judgment before the undertaker knows you are dead.

Biblical knowledge of our future is revealed to us in the book of Revelation. The book focuses on man’s last-rule on Earth and the Lords second coming to rule in His Millennial Kingdom.


Tomorrow is unknown to us all, fortunately, we have a Creator who shares His plans and promises with His children whom He loves. We are to share these plans and promises with the world that they may be free from captivity from our adversary and have a more abundant life while here and a full and vibrant life in our eternal home. All this, with hope and prayers that the reader may know these things and know there is hope for him in this life.

We will travel over 1,000 years into the future and never leave God’s eternal plan. Beginning at the Rapture as mentioned in the Glossary, page 147, the Rapture was a supernatural event arranged by God Himself. Some of the worlds population were taken out of this world and others were left. Those left will face a seven-year period of hell on earth with no escape, unless, they turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as their Savior. This action will spiritually separate them from others left-behind. These new converts will not be separated physically, only spiritually. Meaning this, if these new Christians face martyrdom, they will immediately go to heaven, unlike the rest, at their death they will go to hell and await judgment.

Before the Rapture

A falling away, a great rebellion, a great apostasy is coming before the Rapture. Read 2 Thess. 2:1-3 and Jude. Satan will try to thwart the Word of God and the plans of God. Christians do not be deceived, do not be left-behind, don’t forsake your faith, don’t turn your back on Jesus, live to please Him, for there is no other God. 2 Cor. 5:9; 1 Thess. 4:1.


We know Jesus is coming soon, He is coming quickly, He said so, and He is coming with rewards to give to every Christian according to his work, Rev. 22:12, so be prepared. He is also coming with His wrath to give to sinners for their selfish work.

The Lords return can be tonight, it could be 100 years from now, the point is you are living now, if you are not ready, get ready, get ready for His coming, if you are already ready, stay ready. My advice is, to get-right or get-left.

He is coming in the clouds for His church and when that happens a large amount of the world’s population will be taken and a huge amount will be left-behind and when that happens there will be instant confusion, bewilderment, chaos, disorder is masses, riots and when that happens there is much trouble for Israel. A World Ruler comes on the scene promising answers to world problems and personal problems and when that happens a one-world-government will want to control the worlds commerce.  When that happens everyone will be forced to take a number, a personal-identification-number, the PIN, and if you refuse this number you will not be able to buy or sell and when that happens you will have to make a choice, to accept the number or refuse it, it is a very-evil thing.

After the Rapture the great-deception will cover the hearts of those left-behind in disguise as humanitarianism for the betterment for all.

After the Rapture the world will be approximately without 2.8 billion people, those taken. Those left-behind will amount to approximately 4.771 billion as mentioned at page 116 in the Guide. These are those facing great-periods of judgments, the great tribulation. They will also be facing a new one-world power structure forming a One World Government and because of this they will also be facing a new-way of doing business. They will also be facing within this new governmental-system a means of life or death, literally. Everyone on the planet will be forced to receive a personal-identification number, the PIN, (in a form of a chip, pages 144, 193) that will give them the means to buy and sell, if this PIN is refused it will mean death. With this new PIN the world will operate cashless, money will be of no use. The world will be a cashless-culture.            Image result for microchip for dogs Image result for microchip for dogs

There many years of epidemics, plagues, cosmic disturbances, severe natural disasters, and lethal-judgments are coming. God will be working behind the scenes of these catastrophes. Right choices must be made and there is one thing that must not be done. This is revealed at “You Have Two Choices” It will take a well-informed person to survive theses years of judgments.

Something super-natural happened with the disappearance of multiple-billions of people and with those who are uninformed will send them into mind shocking and distressing flashes of horror.

Man has brought these catastrophes upon himself with his rebellious behavior and his wicked-ways toward God.

The conscience of man is numb to God’s truth. They are blinded to the His truth, 2 Cor. 4:4, from all the junk filling their head with the world’s way’s.

The Tribulation-Starts at Chapter 6 in the Bible

The purpose of the Tribulation period is to punish unbelievers for their sin and rejection of Christ and to bring the remnant and Israel to faith to Christ.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,

Revelation mentions four-magnificent horses and their riders, representing the evils to come in the tribulation, the horses will come in technicolor.

The first-seal, the first-hose is the White horse, representing conquest. White horses were used for Generals, and others with authority. The White-horse symbolizes the antichrist, the World Ruler who will go out into the world conquering many nations and to conquer more who oppose him.

The second-seal, a Red horse, representing war, will take peace from friendly nations, world-wide using great-armaments.

The third horse, Black, with a pair of scales, representing famine, bringing a shortage of food and food will be scarce and rationed. They will have to pay a day’s wages to buy a loaf of bread, “three measures of barley for a penny” a penny is a denarius. What a picture, a day’s wages for a loaf of bread.

The fourth-horse is Pale, its riders name was Death and Hell followed. It represents war, more-famine, pestilences and wild-beast that are blood-thirsty hungry, all these at once. Death will cover one-fourth of the earth. Will kill with war, hunger and with wild beast. Hades will open its mouth and swallow the twenty-five-percent of the remaining population, and, they will perish into the depths of no-return.

The food will be under-nourished with no health benefits or very-little nutritional values. Here, GMO’s filling the markets-shelves, hence, the Pale horse. People will be sickly looking.

These first-four seals open the most dramatic pictures of the beginning of the tribulation because of the rejection and rebellion against God. The continuing judgments will unfold and roll across the world with devastations in very area with continuing wars, non-healthy foods even those will be scarce and limited and this is because of great-famine and pestilence world-wide. The Earth itself will change because of the wars and land-devastations and famine with pestilence and very great-earthquakes causing destructive-tsunamis that will bury islands and the seas will roll back.

An unprepared world and foolish societies will be quite helpless. They will fall into the hands of a deceptive, dishonest World Leader. Woe to them.

The rest of the Seal judgments and the Trumpets and the Bowl or Vial judgments continue to pound the Earth and its inhabitants with severe judgments.

Near the end of the of the Tribulation the fifth-Bowl or Vial judgment will bring darkness (Rev. 16:10) to the seat of the World Ruler. Seat meaning not only his throne at the new Temple but all his conquering kingdoms that he rules including all in the Middle East.

God had enough of this evil, He said, “It is done” (Rev. 16:17) With the darkness surrounding all the kingdoms, lightning and thunders with a very great-earthquake like never been like it before, so great it will divide Jerusalem is three parts and other cities of nations will fall. Babylon will crumble with God’s continued wrath and ever mountain will be no more. Great hail-stones weighting about 100 pounds will come down like missiles killing men and the people blasphemed God, because of this great wrath, plagues that will come upon them. (Rev. 16:18-21) This ends the judgments. This last judgment sets-up for the battle between good and evil.


Armageddon is of the hill country of Megiddo which is adjacent to the valley of Esdraelon. Armageddon is from the Hebrew, Har Megiddon, the Hill of Megiddo.

Armageddon will take place at the end of the Tribulation-judgments. It will be the climatic-conclusion of the evil-holocaust that has been going on in the Tribulation and also in this world from the creation of man.  Zac. 14:1-3 The battle in reality, is a spiritual holocaust, the future battle of the forces of good and evil, of sorrows and triumphs, and God will prevail.

The battle is not what people think it is, it will not be world-wide, there will be of international-armies gathered there. It will be localized, in the Middle East and possibility some rogue nations, it is not World War III,

The battle will be fought at the Plain of Esdraelon, or the Valley of Esdraelon, the Valley of Megiddo, the Valley of Jezreel . The valley are joined together like a land-bridge. This is ten-miles southwest of Nazareth, at Megiddo.

That is the main bulk of the battle but will extend throughout the Middle East including Jerusalem. The World Rulers soldiers will cover the Middle East extensively with a two-hundred million-man army. Their main objective is to exterminate Israel with a portion of the army surrounding Jerusalem. You have read the preliminary stages of Armageddon; the imagery is presented as a dreadful and final conflict.

At the 5th Bowl judgment the Lord will cause darkness to come upon the World Rulers seat, his expanses, what he controls across the Middle East. Not the whole-world but only where this judgment will take place. This is similar to the Exodus 10:22,23 where darkness fell upon parts of Egypt but not on the Israelites.

In this darkness surrounding the Middle East, the Lords appearance in the sky will be incredibly-dramatic. As heaven opens and He appears on His own majestic-white-horse, all will be startled with panic with disturbed and chaotic conditions and bewilderment.

First, the World Ruler (the antichrist) and the VIP, his confidant, (the false prophet) they were taken alive from the battlefield and thrown into the lake of fire that burns with brimstone. Rev. 19:20

Secondly, all others left from the tribulation who worshiped the World Ruler (the antichrist) and the image were slain by the Lord. These were all non-believers and those of the 200 million-man army. Rev.19:16 and page 77 in the Guide.

Thirdly, the devil was taken ahold of, he is bound with heavy-chains, he was shut up in the bottomless-pit and sealed that he may not get out. Rev. 20:2,3.

What does one do in a pit that has no bottom? He falls and falls and falls and falls. Later at a CCV more on the bottomless pit.

Heaven Opens

Ever wonder why Christ is coming back on a white-horse (Revelation 19:11) and not a Cherub which God rode and flew on, in 2 Sam. 22:11?

Can you imagine when heaven splits-open and immediately seen from a thick-dark atmosphere brightly-appearing is a white-horse carrying the King of the Universe into battle?

Let me tell you what that horse will be like.

He will be a muscular-beast, a gloriously-magnificent animal, he will have a strong muscular-neck, he will proudly show his snorting-expressions, he will have leaping abilities like no other, he will have speed and sure footedness, he will have a fearlessness for battle, and a zest for combat.

That is what will carry our Lord when heaven-opens its gates and the sky separates and He enters our atmosphere and confronts evil and triumphs at Armageddon, He is the Faithful and True. Glory Be to Our Lord.

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With the days dark, He will come in great brightness, His appearance will be astounding. Soldiers of the World Ruler will be startled and astonished, as they seek shelter. Some will cower and run for their lives and others will stand their ground, but both will perish.